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Fished from trash can
Hugh Heller Jingles were part of the MOR days of WRC. Obviously the moog was just started to appear in music as it has a significant role in these jingles. The year was 1969 Pay attention to the Joy Boys jingle. Probably one of the longest radio jingles ever produced
Hugh Heller
Produced by Lee Sherwood, this was The Great 98’s debut jingle package. It was a custom PAMS package with 20 cuts. The master reel was fished out of a hallway trash can by Skip.  What idiot did that?
Side Note:  These jingles can still be heard today on Web Radio Classics.  They alternate with recently cut personalized jingles by PAMS/JAM using the PAMS ‘Jet Set’ theme. The signiture note structure remains the same when the call letters are sung.
Sample of Hugh Heller WRC Jingles
Sample Of Original Great 98 Pams Jingles
The Music K jingles were the second generation used as The Great 98 was making the transistion from AM to FM.
The first set of Music K jingles had no bite to them. After complaining to Music K, they finally sent us the raw studio takes which we equalized ourselves. I like to call this package: ‘How many different drum tracks can you put in front of the same vocal sing?’
Sample Of Great 98 Music K Jingles
Promos, IDs and Various Station Elements
Double Cash Promo
Autumn Gold Promo (Bob Gross)
Double Decker Bus Promo (Bobby McGee)
Fantasy Promos
KYS Off Promo (Stoney Richards, Eddie Edwards, Mike Taylor)
Big Snatch Promo
McGarry Til Midnite Promo
Newstalk 98 Jingle
Rock Of The Capital ID
Original NBC Chimes
WRC/WKYS/NBC Miscellaneous
Eddy Leonards Spot w/The Joy Boys
Dave Michaels AirCheck Great 98
The End of Monitor - I Need A Job
Al Ross Barber Shop Harmony
Greaseman Montage of Show Closings
Ed Walker on NewsTalk 98