Statesmen address the nation from here...same 'ol blah blah blah Vintage WRC There was radio before Top 40
A look into the pre-Great 98 by Mike Berry
For the complete history of WRC Radio leading up to the current WTEM call letters, click here to read the complete file
14th Street Washington, DC
WRC Transmitter Site
Speakerís Studio
Here is Mike’s remembrance of WRC program directors: -19?? to 1961 Jim Kovach - 1961 Bill Grayson     After Grayson there seems to be a brief period when there was no PD.     Harry Karr (the GM) acted as PD - 1969 Dick Denham - 1972 Lee Sherwood - 1973 Dan Clayton - 1974 Gordon Peil
14th Street
Control center for NBC Red & Blue Networks circa 1945 After the two networks merged, the NBC radio network supplied much of the programming to O&Os and affiliates. In 1960 this came to an end and the network cut back to mostly hourly newscasts.
Statesmen would address the nation from here
Here is a 1955 list of NBC Talent..... -Al Ross  - Timekeeper -Patty Cavin - Women's Commentator -Gene Archer -  Vocalist -Eddie McIntyre -  Pianist -Barbara Harris - Romper Room -Jim Simpson - Sports -Tippie Stringer - Weather & Vocalist
The first home of WRC The Riggs National Bank Building on 14th Street Offices, studios, transmitter & towers were located here
Listing of Network Announcers... -John Batchelder -Herman (Lee) Dayton -Stuart Finley -Maurice Higdon -Kennedy Ludlam -Maurice (Mac) McGarry -Raymond Michael -Raymond Quinn -William Jack Rooney -Willard Scott -Hollis Wright